Is this the “the perfect music hack”?

Here’s one argument from none other than Paul Lamere of The Echo Nest that ‘Johnny Cash has been Everywhere’ (which basically plays the song and plots the many locations mentioned on a map)  is just that. To quote/paraphrase:

It combines a few web services that had never been combined before (Tomahawk, MusixMatch and Google maps).

It has absolutely no commercial value

It’s simple [yet] polished enough to show to anyone.

It’s original.

It’s whimsical and fun. “It exists only for the 4 minutes of pure enjoyment you get from watching it play through that first time.”

I think the argument about defining a “perfect music hack” is at least as interesting as the hack itself. Read the full argument here: The Perfect Music Hack | Music Machinery

And here again is the link to the hack itself: Johnny Cash has been Everywhere

(I don’t know if it’s the perfect music hack, but it’s definitely fun!)

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