Detroit artist (and friend of Procrastinaut) Bethany Shorb has been working on modern and Motor City-ish variation on “Chladni Figures" — visual representations of sonic tones in the form of sand manipulated by sound resonating through a steel plate.

Shorb’s update on the practice involves baking the resulting sand patterns into “an impenetrable, industrial polymer on aluminum, kaleidoscopically tessellated and contradictorily blasted with both a diabetic shock of candy colored hot-rod surface finish and cold, Detroit acerbity.”

You can see more of the resulting “sound-generated paintings,” here. You can also watch a video in which the image for 672 hertz takes shape — it’s a short clip, but N.B.: 672 hertz is not a very pleasant sound!

More detail about the project/process on the YouTube page. And for those of you in NYC, check it out in person:

Painting Machines: Klangfiguren (Sound Figures)
An unlikely crossing of sacred geometry and car culture.
Opens at Devotion Gallery, 54 Maujer St., Brooklyn NY, Friday Sept. 13

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